The tradition of the nativity


The tradition of the nativity scene has existed across most of Europe, especially the Mediterranean region, for many centuries. We call nativity scene the depiction of the birth of Jesus. It usually includes a range of ceramic movable figures placed inside a panoramic space.

Barcelona is home to the oldest nativity scene association in the world, demonstrating just how popular the tradition of the nativity scene is at Christmas. The tradition involves setting up, in some corner of the house, a temporary nativity scene, which shows a lifelike landscape upon which various figurines are placed.

In keeping with this tradition, which is so embedded in our culture, the collection Pessebresmoviment (Nativity Scene Movement) grows each year, taking on a life of their own through imaginary landscapes that emerge from personal experiences. The movement of the figures is the link, giving a personal vision of the world through a private and creative perspective.

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in Pessebresmoviment, a meeting point where audiences from different generations (grandparents, parents and children), can live and share the same emotions. It is in this that we find great satisfaction.

—, Albert Domènech